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Moarhof Natur Apartments
Ceves 4 - 39040 Laion (BZ)
South Tyrol - Italy
Cel: +39 333 84 37 67 3

Farm holidays – Be farmers and enjoy the rhythm of the seasons

Our entire family contributes to the management of our farm (milk production and management of a hut), where there are jobs throughout the year.

During the winter our cattle (dairy cows, calves, bulls) are in the stable. They eat hay harvested in the summer and are milked morning and evening with the milking machine. Towards the beginning / middle of June begins the haymaking from our meadows and hillsides. Before the haymaking in the summer sun, you have to mowing, raking and turning it.
We invite you to spend a night in the fresh hay!

In the summer our animals make also holiday at the lush green meadows.
Only at night the cows return to the stable, where they are milked, and then spend the night outdoors. Nowadays milking is carried out with milking machines, but not so long ago the entire procedure was done by hand (with 25 dairy cows). The fresh milk is processed to obtain various products and foods (for example, homemade yogurt with fresh fruit, buttermilk, Kaiserschmarn, etc.). Everyone should try once in a lifetime a glass of milk directly from milking.

Also for your children to stay with us will never be boring, ‘cause they can always jump in the hay, play, feed the animals and more.
In autumn and winter we work in the wood to get firewood, that allows us to keep you warm all winter, ‘cause both our house and the apartments are heated with wood chips, obtained from the timber of our forests. Also during the winter it’s smoked and cured the ham: in South Tyrol as a snack can never fail Speck accompanied by hard bread.

We want to come and spend your vacation at our farm in Tschöfas, at the mouth of the Val Gardena? See you there!